Get sponsored up to £1000 a year while you are at university…

There are opportunities for paid internships in Gloucestershire schools while studying for your degree.

Gloucestershire Association of Secondary Headteachers is keen to encourage people with an interest in becoming a teacher. We want to find and train the best teachers possible for the pupils in our schools. The number of pupils in Gloucestershire schools is rising and this is forecast to continue. There are plans for up to three new secondary schools in the county to meet the growing numbers. We will need more teachers.

The internship programme

Interns will return to Gloucestershire during university holidays to work in our schools. On completion of at least three weeks in school interns will be paid £1,000. This is available for all three years of an undergraduate degree.

What will I be doing?

There will be a training element to the programme and we will spend some time with you talking about good teaching and what it involves. However, we really want you to get to see what it is like to work in a school and spend time with pupils. We assume you have a deep interest in the subject you are studying at university and the internship is for you to find out if you would enjoy sharing this with pupils. You are being paid and we will expect you to contribute to school life. This might include:

  • Working with individual pupils in lessons
  • Working with small groups of pupils
  • Helping with school trips
  • Contributing to extra-curricular activities in areas of personal interest e.g. sport and music
  • Preparing resources for pupils to use

We will plan this with you and it will, of course, depend on your subject, areas of interest and what your placement school is doing while you are there. We can promise you that you will not be left on your own with a class!

Do I have to make any commitment to being a teacher?

No. Although we are investing time and money in you, we know that some interns will decide that teaching is not, after all, for them. We will do a review with you at the end of each internship and keep in touch with you throughout the year. If you decide not to continue with the internship just let us know. We won’t ask for our money back!

How many places are there?

We have planned to have 15 interns in the first year. However, we are looking for people who are genuinely interested in becoming a teacher and could take more. We welcome interest at any time and arrange interview dates throughout the year.

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Email on or call 01242 505 945 for more information